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Interpreter Training Track

The ITT concentration seeks to educate students to become interpreters for Deaf individuals. A program of 49 credit hours is planned for the student majoring in the Interpreter Training concentration. Course content is distributed across five categories of information and skills necessary for a career in Interpreting:

  • Role of the Interpreter in various settings
  • Techniques and Applications of Interpreting
  • Professional Practices of the Interpreter
  • Application of Ethics within Interpreting
  • Internship

The course of study for the ITT concentration assumes that the student has completed the language proficiency prerequisites in American Sign Language. Upon admission to the concentration, each student will be assigned an advisor for the purpose of academic planning.

Course of Study

Required prerequisite courses for the ITT major. Each course must be completed with a grade of B- or higher.
ASL 2140C
ASL 2150C
ASL 4161C
ASL 4201C
ASL 4301C

Admission to the ITT program for those who have satisfied the pre-requisite coursework is for Fall semester only.

Semester I Fall
INT 3112 Translation from English and from ASL
INT 3004 Fundamentals of Interpreting
INT 3270 Interpreting Process and Skill Development
ASL 3324 Advanced ASL Discourse

Semester III Spring
INT 3205 Interpreting I
ASL 3514 History and Culture of the Deaf
SPA 4930 Interpreting Practicum I
SPA 4930 Special Topics in ASL

Semester IV Summer
INT 4206 Interpreting II

Semester V Fall
INT 4190 Senior Seminar in Interpreting
INT 4235 Advanced Receptive Voicing
INT 4944 Practicum*

Semester VI Spring
SPA 4962 Undergraduate Comprehensive Exam
INT 4208 Interpreting III
INT 4211 Transliterating
INT 4944 Practicum*

*Students will be assigned to a 3cr. hour practicum for one of these two semesters

Required Elective (choose two courses)
SPA 3261 Language Science for CSD
SPA 3004 Intro to Language Development and Disorders
INT 4490 Intro to Cued Speech & Its Applications
SPA 3470 Culture & Diversity in CSD
SPA 4321 Introduction to Audiologic Rehabilitation

Additional Requirement:
Must successfully pass the National Interpreter Certification (NIC) written examination before graduation.