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Ruth Huntley Bahr is a Professor and Graduate Program Director for Speech-Language Pathology program. She graduated from the University of Florida in 1987 with a doctoral degree in experimental phonetics. Her primary research interests include between and within speaker variability in forensic situations, the nature of phonological representations in dialect speakers and second language learners, and voice production in individuals with vocal disorders. She has published numerous articles and book chapters in these areas. In addition, she has been working in the field of Forensic Phonetics for the last 27 years, where she has specialized in speaker identification, tape authentication, and gunshot analysis, as well as testifying in numerous trials. She is a Fellow in the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the International Society of Phonetic Sciences. She received the Svend Smith Award for her work in applied phonetics and is currently serving as the President and Treasurer of the International Society of Phonetic Sciences.

B.S. with Honors University of Virginia 1979
M.A. Auburn University 1981
Ph.D. University of Florida 1987

  • SPA 5204    Advanced Clinical Phonology
  • SPA 6211    Advanced Vocal Disorders
  • SPA 6805    Research Methods in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • SPA 6930    Advanced Clinical Applications in Phonology
  • Undergraduate Honors Program
Books and Chapters
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