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Hearing Services


Pediatric Services

  • Hearing Evaluations (all ages)
  • Neonatal Hearing Screenings
  • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Evaluations
  • AN/AD Evaluations
  • Hearing Screenings

Adult Services

Hearing Evaluations

Adult hearing evaluations include complete assessment of the physiology of the peripheral auditory system and comprehensive assessment of auditory function. Diagnostic evaluations include:

  • Hearing tests
  • Immittance testing
  • Otoacoustic emissions
  • Auditory brainstem evaluations
  • Electrocochleography

Hearing Aid Evaluations

The hearing system is evaluated in a complete manner to allow for accurate and individualized determination of the hearing solutions to include hearing aids, possibly other hearing related devices and programs of hearing rehabilitation. We have hearing aid solutions available from most major manufacturers allowing us to select the make and models to best fit your hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Care

Full hearing aid care is provided to include evidence-based fittings, full follow-up care, minor and major repair services all focused around maximizing the utility and performance of hearing aids and related items for the best patient care.

Assistive Devices

At times devices other than hearing aids are appropriate to supplement hearing aids or to singly fulfill living needs resulting from hearing loss. A wide variety of such devices are available for patient needs.

Tinnitus (Ears Ringing)

Full evaluations for tinnitus are offered as well as various type of treatment.

Cochlear Implants

In cooperation with the USF Department of Otolaryngology, we offer full cochlear implant services to include pre-implantation evaluations, programming of implanted devices and therapeutic strategies to maximize hearing performance with cochlear implants.